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How to wear Saree (Sari) , tutorials in different style and techniques VCD
Sensual Saree Wearing is a comprehensive VCD that covers 65 minutes of linear saree wearing training video. The video is built in MPEG format so that it can be played both in a VCD player as well as in a computer. Easy to use, Sensual Saree Wearing-VCD is built keeping in mind the least system requirement so that it can play on any system. The Sensual Saree Wearing VCD contains 18 different styles of saree wearing.

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//Pop-it menu- By Dynamic Drive //For full source code and more DHTML scripts, visit //This credit MUST stay intact for use var linkset=new Array() //SPECIFY MENU SETS AND THEIR LINKS. ... also please clear details of what type of saree ie, [ colour, how many yards etc,]. please reply soon ... from the mail in the yahoo group, one can make out that ...

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